What sets me apart from other practitioners of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is my exceptional gift for connecting to people in need.

For me, it is easy to create a peaceful atmosphere in which I merge with the thoughts and feelings of others, grasping the big picture of the most important issues, while sensing the underlying tensions and nuances of each individual’s process.

In my practice, EFT is not merely a step-by-step method or a rigid formula. It is an intuitive process by which we hone in on the blockages you are experiencing and rid the body of them forever. We do this almost effortlessly, because EFT is a physiological process, not mental or psychological.

Though some people experience emotional release, EFT is not counseling or psychotherapy and it is not an alternative healing technique. It is a procedure that directs energy through the body to effect physiological shifts, releasing chemicals from your cells to clear self-sabotaging thought patterns. This allows you to break free of old constraints and succeed at your highest levels.

We work together to understand how to make EFT most effective for you. I have the instincts, training and compassion to guide you through the process and to press through whatever obstacles have held you back.

I don’t have to know a lot about you to be able to help. The choice of what to share is up to you: You can tell me as much or as little as you want about yourself, your story and your issue.

The path is clear. The journey is yours to take. I would be honored to begin it with you.
Please read about what EFT can accomplish to understand how I work and see if you are someone I can help.


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