bernadette hunterI am a Peak Performance Specialist in the field of energy psychology and peak-performance training who helps people break through the blocks that have kept them from their most cherished goals. I deliver the physiology of success to:

  • Peak sports performance
  • Performing artists mastery
  • Resolution of personal issues

With an extensive background as a competitive athlete and performing vocalist, I understand the pressures of the “inner game.” My two decades of work as a licensed professional counselor (LPC) have helped me combine strong clinical skills with extensive training and expertise in cutting-edge methods.

Once I had experienced the power of EFT for myself and understood how quickly it worked, I wanted to share these skills with the world — to help as many other people as I could make their own breakthroughs. Now, to my great pleasure, I am in the business of setting people free from the fear and anxiety that hold them back from expressing their most unique and talented selves.

I work locally in Missoula, as well as by phone with clients in the United States and Europe. Read on to see if you’re someone I can help.

Bernadette was great. She’s funny and easy to listen to and gave good explanations and examples to us. I wish I could think of suggestions for improvement but I can’t!
Attendee, EFT Workshop


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