Albert Einstein knew what he was talking about — that everything in the universe is made up of energy, even human beings.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) recognizes the human body as an intricate energy system. EFT is a simple procedure that gently realigns the body's own energy system through a process of tapping on certain points on the body.

We get stuck in thoughts and behaviors and even physical conditions when chemicals released by the hypothalamus (experienced as emotions) lodge in our cell receptor sites. This usually happens during our experience of an event.

By clearing these physiological blockages, EFT clears allows us to:

  • free ourselves from performance blocks, inner conflicts, fears and doubts; and,
  • enhance our self-confidence, increase our energy, take forward action and achieve our goals.

EFT sets up your physiology for success. It is simple and straightforward. It has been used to treat numerous issues and has helped people from many walks of life. Results are most often immediate and permanent.

Bernadette also employs other energy psychology methods, such as Eye-movement Desensitization Re-processing (EMDR), and PSYCH-K, which also deal with non-conscious material. These can also help release physiological blocks—brain scan studies attest to these results. Stored memories, emotional upsets and negative self-beliefs change as the storage of the chemicals/emotions shift. The upset emotions neutralize and self-beliefs become positive and forward-moving.


It was valuable to experience how this technique changes attitude and learn that the resulting changes carry over.
— Participant, EFT workshop


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