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It is never too late to become who you could have been.

—George Eliot


What I Can Do For You

How business professionals can optimize productivity and satisfaction with a cutting-edge, physiologically based process

A smart, healthy business manages its greatest asset – its employees – with clear leadership and vision. Business professionals in this economy are given higher expectations of performance with fewer resources. They are working longer hours and feeling more stressed and less physically and mentally capable of adapting to this pace of expectation. Without proper training in how to manage stress effectively, we see dangerous levels of:

  • burnout
  • indecision
  • lack of focus
  • unclear leadership
  • poor communication

All of this affects morale and the bottom line. With this scenario, you often lose your very best employees.

My expertise is teaching employees and business leaders a cutting-edge technology called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that will eliminate stress from people’s physiology and thoughts. This technology permanently clears stresses from the body while simultaneously shifting negative and sabotaging thoughts into positive, forward-moving beliefs for functioning at optimal levels. The method is highly effective at:

Resolving Stress

EFT reduces absenteeism and low productivity on the job due to physical illness, physical pain, excessive worry, insomnia, anger and frustration.

Raising Performance

This method boosts confidence in talents and capabilities; increases skills such as assertiveness, clarity of purpose, ability to transform chaos into order, and eliminates fears of success and fears of failure.

Strengthening Communication and Relationships

People using EFT function more efficiently as a team; resolve conflicts and prevent sabotage amongst co-workers and between co-workers and bosses, and achieve clarity for clear communication.

I offer free demonstrations of the technique, as well as group clinics of all sizes and individual sessions. I’m happy to discuss the method and your goals beforehand.

Please call me at (303) 300-6733. And check out what business professionals are saying about how I have helped them.

You’re a fun and funny and warm presenter with a great message. It’s very apparent that you love this and it’s your passion.
— EFT workshop participant

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