Weight Management for most people is not about food. You don't have a problem with food! You have a problem dealing with anxiety without the aid of food.

Until people clear up their emotional baggage around food they are not going to lose weight and keep it off. They will not become normal eaters and feel free to eat when they are hungry and free to eat when they are not hungry.

I can teach you a shortcut, a power tool, that cuts through the intersection of food and emotion. You can learn to be free around food rather than remaining stuck in guilt-ridden dieting games that leave you heavier than when you began. People say they lost a certain amount of pounds on their last diet. But the truth is, the second half of any diet is gaining all that "lost" weight back, not to mention losing self esteem and self worth.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a powerful, easy-to-learn tool that efficiently eliminates your food cravings and drive toward food when you really need something else. You will learn how and when to use EFT and we will be actually "tapping" a majority of this course. Bernadette is a licensed professional counselor and Performance Specialist with over two decades of experience working with compulsive eaters and dieters.

This two-week series provides fundamental tools in getting you on the right track by breaking through the myths of your old habitual way of thinking about how people really do lose weight and keep it off.

If you have a history of dieting and gaining the weight back, if you think about food a lot, and what you can and "can't" eat, this class is for you!

You can finally step out of the cycle of dieting and into a freedom around food and your body.

Check Out what Past Participants Have to Say:

  • Cumulatively, it has been one of the most rewarding things I have done for myself - it has made me strong, confident, and returned joy to my life! ~T.S., Denver
  • You are so helpful - we stayed focused, moved along, didn't let any individual monopolize the class time. Knowledgeable - informative - experienced!
  • The most valuable part of this class for me is that food is food, not good or bad, and once you really get this and are "free," things can really change! Thank you! ~ S.S.
  • "Bernadette has good insight, a great sense of humor, and is skilled at helping people uncover deeper issues around weight. I really gained insight into my eating habits and a tool for interrupting compulsive eating. I now have more intuitive eating, and am more conscious about food choices."
  • Bernadette has a gift and talent for spontaneous instruction, as well as being organized, punctual, respectful; combined with caring and sharing important personal experiences that are really helpful. ~R.W.
  • I've tried a lot of things so far, but this really works! Over our lives, we look for different things, and I don't feel a need to look beyond this EFT! ~ Louise S.

Finally resolve this chronic problem for yourself!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a powerful, results-oriented method that can release you from the burden of obsessions with food and weight. Please join us for our upcoming session. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please remember to bring to class a package of something you crave and can't stop eating once you start (e.g., chocolate, licorice, chips, bread). Learn how you CAN control your cravings and lose weight!

What's the difference between this and the Powerful Weight Loss workshop series?

The six hours of class time at Colorado Free University is an effective and efficient introduction for using EFT to reduce food cravings and chronic overeating issues. You'll learn EFT and apply it, with great results, while also learning a whole new philosophy and approach to food - how to get out of the diet cycle and into a process with food that allows:

  • Freedom to eat when you're hungry
  • Surprisingly easy freedom not to eat, when it is not hunger that you are really needing to satisfy

The 12-hour Powerful Weight Loss series is a perfect follow-up to the first 6-hour introductory class. With six weeks to explore the roots of issues, we'll hone the art of using EFT and gain a more in-depth awareness of how to free yourself from a dieting, "good" food / "bad" food mentality. The curriculum includes:

  • Overcoming Cravings, without relying on willpower
  • Understanding the Diet Cycle; catching yourself before you gain weight
  • Recognizing mouth hunger versus stomach hunger
  • Equalizing foods: no more "good" food / "bad" food
  • Emotional Self-Management: Identify and defuse the power of hidden emotions; no more "stress eating"!
  • Feeding on Demand: feed yourself when you are hungry - always!

For more information on the 6-week Powerful Weight Loss series, click here.

Both are standalone classes; the 6-hour class is not a prerequisite to attending the 12-hour class series. You may register for only one, or to maximize your results, register for both!

Still on the fence?

Ask me any question that is in your mind or in your heart about this workshop. I want you to make a decision that is right for you...
You can call me at 406-531-7225 or simply fill out the handy form below and click Send when finished. (If you telephone, know that I am in sessions most of the day, but that I will return your call. Please leave both your daytime and evening telephone numbers.)


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