I have helped a wide range of people from all walks of life, from around the United States, some in person and some remotely. Please follow the links below to read a few stories and testimonials about:

Sports peak performance
Performing arts mastery
Resolution of personal issues

My own success includes earning high marks from both groups and individual clients that used Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I have been praised for excellent presentations, for explaining concepts well and synthesizing large amounts of material in an easy to understand format that makes it usable for others. My clients tell me they prize my guidance and find me savvy, efficient, easy to talk to and very comfortable to work with.

My greatest gift is ferreting out the deepest issues and most important threads woven into our lives. It is at this level that true change happens. My work attains a level of artistry and nuance that cannot be explained — only experienced.

Please explore my approach, how EFT works, and who I help to see if EFT is for you. I am happy to discuss my work, my approach, the EFT method and your goals at any time. Please give me a call at 406-531-7225.

The Brain Wave Report
The Physiology of Success


I always live in gratitude for your gifts of healing for me.
— Mary Ragbourn, May 2008


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