A new training tool for athletes

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one of the quickest and most effective physiological and psychological peak performance methods now being used. As a means for you to reach your highest athletic goals, it is unlike any other technique or tool available. If you want to utilize every ounce of your potential to its optimal level, EFT can get you there.

Dave Lawston, PGA teaching pro (1 handicap)
Issues : A variety of shots, putting, driving, tournament anxiety
Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the techniques I learned from you. I have played golf for almost 40 years and although I know the mechanics of the golf swing, I could never quite get the “mental” aspect of the game. After working with you for just a few times, I find that my mind is more focused on the shot I am about to attempt. My overall game has definitely improved by using these techniques. Thank you, Bernadette!

Patricia Powell, tennis player
Issues : Anger on the court, throwing her racquet, upset with her game
Frustration, self-doubt, lack of self-control and focus were creeping into my tennis game. I loved the game too much to give it up, but the mental aspect of tennis was making me miserable. After my first session with Bernadette, it was like a fog had been lifted. I began to gain confidence, have fun and moved up a level in my tennis ranking! The true results of this work were evident during a three-day state tournament. I was confident, focused, and enjoyed playing the ball for the first time under pressure matches. I recommend Bernadette to anyone who is struggling with their inner game of tennis.

Mike Hudson, Associate Head Football Coach, University of Montana
Issues : Anxiety, anger, self-disapproval, sleep disturbance.
When I met Bernadette at a large coaches clinic I told her, “I am a good coach, and I know I can be a great coach.” She believed me and we worked hard to that end. I feel more level-headed and calmer about everything. My coaching is better – I can take the high demands of football more in stride. I don’t have that short anger fuse like I had, so all my relationships are better. If I start to get stressed out about anything, I just close the door to my office or den and start tapping! It helps every time. I am more accepting of myself and others, and I actually am sleeping well!

Len Ashford, Golfer, HCP 3, Retired Athletic Director
Issue : Hesitation, “yips,” on the backswing, affecting entire game
I have been working on getting rid of this hitch for two years and was so intensely frustrated I thought about giving up golf. No matter what I did to work through it, it always came back and drove me to such distraction. After four sessions with Bernadette, the hesitation on my backswing is 97 percent gone — and when it does show up, I am able to just step back and start over, with the swing going well. “Your swing is as good as I’ve ever seen it!” my swing coach told me. What a relief. I have begun to play better but more importantly to me, I am experiencing far less frustration and enjoying playing the great game of golf again. I found Bernadette Hunter to be very knowledgeable, insightful, dedicated, and a caring professional. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience her expertise.

Ann U. Loughlin, PGA/LPGA Class-A Teaching Pro
Issue : Chronic pain in right hip, lower and upper joint
My hip pain was gone in 15 minutes!

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