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It is never too late to become who you could have been.

—George Eliot


Professionals reap rewards of EFT

People don’t often consider the role of emotion in the business world, but clearing old feelings and experiences can be crucial to financial and professional success. The stories below from business men and women attest to the benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Daniel E. Kiely, Certified Financial Planner - CFP™ - Merrill Lynch
Issue : Desire to increase his business

Between 2005 and 2006, Dan boosted the holdings that he manages from $36.5 million to $60 million.

If you are stuck, if you aren't moving forward, forget the self-help books. EFT may be unconventional but I have to say it helped me clear major, self-inflicted road blocks in my professional career. My practice more than doubled after spending time with Bernadette Hunter's techniques. While many challenges professionals face can be self-inflicted, they CAN be mitigated. Try something different. 


Master Certified Coach, The Champagne Group: Business and Executive Coaching  
Issue : Sorting out conflicting emotions and decisions regarding health of aging mother

Bernadette is a highly experienced, perceptive, and masterful professional. Her encouraging presence immediately puts you at ease. She has the uncanny ability to laser in on the heart of the matter to remove the obstacle that you had no idea was there, blocking the fulfillment of your desire or goal. If you are looking for someone who gets results quickly, I highly recommend Bernadette. She is the kind of person each of us should have on our success team!


Penny Kempfert, cash management, banking
Issues : Poor performance, lack of self-confidence, extreme anxiety

Believe me, I was skeptical! But this stuff works! Working with Bernadette and EFT, I went from being in the lowest quartile of meeting production goals to the top of my team for performance. I was even sought after for a higher position from another bank and took the job. I am thrilled with myself and my performance! Since 1996 my salary has tripled.


Sue Fortner, business owner, real estate broker
Issue : Lifelong low self-esteem

I was successful despite myself and my negative body image. Following my [EFT sessions], I am happier, I have more energy, I am more animated. I like myself, and I am more assertive and expressive. People are noticing a change in me! And I’ve doubled the number of agents working for me.


Tena Dutenhoeffer, Realtor
Issue :  Worrying about money and going broke

As a full-time Realtor who struggles about getting out of my own way, my worry about money was getting the best of me. After only one session, I immediately moved forward and became more productive. My worry about money was a 10 and now it’s below 4! Thank you Bernadette!


Gloria Hunt, manager-mediator of multidisciplinary groups for reviewing judicial cases at the District Court level
Issue : Panic about an upcoming presentation to judges after a previous poor performance.

My poor rating of my performance had me on the line for losing my job. For five weeks I’d been terrified, hysterical, overwhelmed, humiliated, angry, had a broken heart… I was literally clutching my chest, trying to approach my books and work on my talk and couldn’t. After our session yesterday, I experienced last night and throughout today a lifting of the heart and a sense of relief that I have not experienced in five weeks. My presentation went well, the judges were pleased. I feel exhilarated, incredulous.



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