Individuals affirm EFT’s power

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) lets people support and improve themselves through the good times and the not-so-good times. If you have a vision for your life—or you long to have one—EFT can help you get there. You can read below several of the gratifying stories of those who’ve gained from the technique.

Patricia Powell, cancer survivor
Issue : Terrible fears that the cancer cells were rapidly growing back in her body.
My anxiety was getting the best of me. Now I finally have a tool (EFT) that I can use at any time I feel I need some clarity. I was so scared and fearful. I couldn't get a positive thought in my mind about breast cancer. It was going to come back or some other cancer was going to "get" me. Five years; please let five years hurry up so I know I'm going to make it! Bernadette coached me at a pace I could deal with. She was unbelievably patient. As we neutralized some dark memories, betrayals, and depressions, along with my intense anxiety regarding my cancer, I began to see the light and my outlook began to change. I was able to accept that I did have cancer but that it didn't mean it was the end for me. I could even find positives as a result of the disease. I’ve not only cleared my fear of cancer, but I’ve cleared my lifelong hatred of my body. I feel free, more confident than ever before. I am pursuing my lifelong interest in oil painting and am currently five years cancer-free!

Will Cowdrey, Licensed Professional Counselor
Issue : Residual suffering from 9/11 work in New York
In just one EFT session, we neutralized three traumatic memories, removing intrusions of horrific smells, as well as a sense of guilt, overwhelm, shock and sadness. All went from “10” to “zero.” The depth, speed and effectiveness of EFT was amazing. It would take dozens of sessions with other modalities to accomplish what EFT accomplished in this one session.

Gloria Hunt, presenter
Issue : Anxiety during stressful period
Bernadette got me through a really hard time—and with only two sessions. I tell everyone that I went to this amazing woman, Bernadette Hunter, and how superior EFT is to other forms of help. Bernadette, I have worked side by side with a wide array of mental health professionals over many years. From this sophisticated vantage point, I can attest that you are truly exceptional in your field. I believe so strongly that what I gained from you was intelligence and a sense of calm. I knew I was in safe hands with a professional who held confidentiality and competency to its highest order. I could not have gone to you otherwise, without fear of losing my job.

Daniel E. Kiely, Certified Financial Planner - CFP™ - Merrill Lynch
Issue : Desire to increase his business
If you are stuck, if you aren't moving forward, forget the self-help books. EFT may be unconventional but I have to say it helped me clear major, self-inflicted road blocks in my professional career. My practice more than doubled after spending time with Bernadette Hunter's techniques. While many challenges professionals face can be self-inflicted, they CAN be mitigated. Try something different.

Penny Kempfert, cash management, banking
Believe me, I was skeptical! But this stuff works! Working with Bernadette and EFT, I went from being in the lowest quartile of meeting production goals to the top of my team for performance. I was even sought after for a higher position from another bank and took the job. I am thrilled with myself and my performance! Since 1996 my salary has tripled. Issues : Poor performance, lack of self-confidence, extreme anxiety

Sue Fortner, business owner, real estate broker
Issue : Lifelong low self-esteem
I was successful despite myself and my negative body image. Following my [EFT sessions], I am happier, I have more energy, I am more animated. I like myself, and I am more assertive and expressive. People are noticing a change in me! And I’ve doubled the number of agents working for me.

Tena Dutenhoeffer, Realtor
Issue : Worrying about money and going broke
As a full-time Realtor who struggles about getting out of my own way, my worry about money was getting the best of me. After only one session, I immediately moved forward and became more productive. My worry about money was a 10 and now it’s below 4! Thank you Bernadette!

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