Performing artists attest to the power of EFT

Artists in numerous arenas swear by the effectiveness of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to bring their work up to and beyond high levels of performance. Here, three clients share their experiences.

Opera singer
Issues : performance anxiety before a New York audition
I had to force myself to practice — it felt tight and awful. I [used the methods] last night, and today I had wonderful practices! I’m feeling calm, self-confident and lighter. The desire to sing and the act of practicing are feeling natural and easy. I’m feeling the freedom of my singing and the power of direction. What a refreshing change!

Rebecca J. Robbins, Ph.D., ballroom dancer
Issue : performance anxiety
Even though we [did phone sessions and] actually never met, our short time of work together really shifted something deep down and I can feel the progress now and see all the doors now open to me. I’m dancing better than ever, and there’s more to come!

Jeff Stickney, Professional trumpet player
Issue : Fear making mistakes on high notes in performances.
Bernadette and I did one EFT session. I have always struggled with high notes, feeling uneasy as they were approaching and often missing them. After the session I really noticed how at ease I was with all the notes at my next performance and really enjoyed the new sense of freedom. I look forward to more of this power of performance. I would have never guessed that the Christmas program at age 12 where I “blew it” would have impact on my playing at age 50!

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