Out with the old – in with the great!

What makes Emotional Freedom Technique EFT different from many other performance processes are two things:

  • its depth in accessing and transforming negative self-beliefs fueled by negative emotions
  • its ability to quickly and efficiently remove the disruption in the body’s energy system and bring positive, calm, forward-moving, creative flow to the body and mind.

I use EFT to help you identify and clear old baggage that was not even seen as affecting the current performance situation — and I will then work with you to anchor success physiologically, along with the positive self-beliefs to keep success thoughts, emotions and behavior in the foreground.

Powerful Performance offers concrete, highly evolved processes to uncover and change unconscious negative self-beliefs that impede motivation, confidence and focus. By employing both memory and self-belief techniques you can:

  • Uncover hidden aspects of problems
  • Achieve a natural movement toward right action
  • Generate a new perspective, a deeply implanted positive self-belief about any situation that previously evoked fear, frustration, and lack of success
  • Connect to useful resources within yourself and install positive performance behaviors, and,
  • Create dramatic change in “how you view yourself” as well as in your goals and your ability to move freely toward them.

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We worked through a whole lifetime of me not feeling pretty enough, smart enough, being a disappointment and hiding what I labeled as my imperfections. EFT was a real miracle for me!
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