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It is never too late to become who you could have been.

—George Eliot


Bernadette Hunter

EFT demos, classes, clinics and individual sessions

I work with people who want more from their lives — more significance and more satisfaction.

Whether you’ve reached a plateau in your performance level, or you’re wrestling with your demons (or both!), I can help you get past whatever it is that has kept you from breaking through.

For more information, call Bernadette at 303-300-6733.

My services include:

Classes continue throughout the year and private clinics are available on demand. Please call (303) 300-6733 or email me at success@powerful-performance.com for details on what’s available now.

My work goes far beyond personal coaching. Using physiologically based methods and honed clinical skills, I help you silence the inner voices that tell you old lies:

  1. You can’t excel
  2. You aren’t smart enough
  3. You’re not someone who will ever have money
  4. You can’t overcome the obstacles in your path.

EFT isn’t positive thinking, determination or trying harder — and it’s not just about being outstanding in your field. This method breaks up the body’s own cellular “habits” and frees you from your blocks.

No more giving up on your heart’s deepest desire. My training, experience in many disciplines and penetrating intuitive abilities will help guide you to achieving your goals.

The EFT technique is flexible and adaptable. I can administer the method just as effectively over the phone as in person. Clients do not become dependent on my skills because I teach them how to apply it to themselves.

I have worked with groups of all sizes and, for individual sessions and discuss the method and your goals beforehand.

Please call me at (303) 300-6733.


Payment for in-office sessions is at the time of service. You may use check or cash. You also may use our Payment page 24 hours ahead of our scheduled time to charge your session (via PayPal).

Clients doing remote sessions will pay in advance of their session using our Payment page

These were powerful demonstrations of an effective way to transform your life—a great day of refreshing information and tools. You put everyone at ease.
—Participant in 2004 EFT workshop


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