brain waves powerful performanceWork in developing Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has shown that the events we experience in our lives happen to us on a physiological level — they literally bypass our conscious mind. Here’s how our bodies process such experiences:

  • Chemicals from the hypothalamus:
    • flood the body and are experienced as emotion
    • lock onto the cell receptor sites
    • clog the sites if they are not processed
    • block nutrients and proteins from entering.

  • If this physiological blockage isn’t cleared, over time:
    • cell receptors shrink and die.
    • when the cell divides, it creates more cell receptor sites for that same chemical and fewer receptor sites for nutrients and proteins
    • people turn to methods for dealing with the event on a psychological level, rather than the physiological level on which it happened.

The unconscious, which controls more than 95 percent of what we do, doesn’t judge if such thoughts are good or bad, right or wrong. It just goes along with the stimuli created in the physiology of the cells. If your cells are unconsciously holding onto an upsetting thought or situation, this can make you doubt yourself. When those cells divide, now you have double the number of cells infused with self-doubt. They send a signal to the brain, which significantly shapes your perceptions and your performance.

EFT uses a simple tapping procedure on certain points on the body to counter those negative signals. This process:

  • modifies the physiology connected to the event
  • starts to break up the old chemical patterns
  • makes the brain image of the event vague, like pixels blurring as an image is enlarged.

We can’t see that picture in the same way, literally or figuratively. The physiological, chemical energy of disturbing thoughts is neutralized. EFT then goes on to install positive stimuli in place of these old thoughts, forming new sparks in the brain that give birth to new thoughts and possibilities: “Maybe I could. Well, yes I can. In fact, I can do it well!”

Although the process was developed more than 10 years ago, formal medical trials and research have only recently been completed, confirming anecdotal reports of quick, effective advances in enhancing performance and relieving pain of all kinds.


Bernadette was great! She made me feel comfortable and relaxed and gave me hope for success in fighting my “demons.”
Participant, EFT golf clinic


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