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Training and study and talent are all necessary to achieve success in the field of the performing arts, but they can’t take you where you want to go unless you are clear of fears and self-sabotaging thoughts.

Powerful Performance works with special considerations for clients in the performing and creative arts, resolving the issues of:

  • Physiological reactivity
  • Believing that past failures will be inevitably repeated
  • Feeling uncertain about talents and capabilities
  • Fearing rejection or hearing “no”
  • Believing that one must perform perfectly

Often performers struggle with stage fright —that common anxiety associated with having to perform in front of others, which can plague performers with fears of being criticized and of not performing perfectly. Noted psychiatrist Aaron Beck has dealt with such issues through his cognitive behavioral therapy. But increasingly, performing artists are turning to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to rid themselves of unnecessary emotional, physical and neurological blocks to reach their highest levels of performance. You can read just a few stories from my years of helping performers make their artistic careers come alive.


The most impressive thing I noticed was how quietly everyone was watching your demonstrations with volunteers from the audience. You had our full attention!
Attendees at EFT workshop


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