Emotional Freedom Technique Specialist

Disruptions in the body’s energy system show up as sub-standard performance or the inability to perform. But you can turn that around with the cutting-edge technology offered by peak performance specialist Bernadette Hunter at Powerful Performance.

Self-sabotaging thoughts manifest as “yips” in your golf stroke, nerves before an audition or loss of confidence in your handling stress — or countless other blocks to peak performance.

If you could free yourself from the things that hold you back, what could you accomplish? If you can’t seem to make progress but you don’t know why and you don’t know what to do about it, then…

We need to talk!

I practice a physiologically based method called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This isn’t crunchy granola or crystals — this is a solid, sound, real-life process that is backed by scientific research. It works quickly and easily and once you’ve learned how to do it, you can use it on your own.

So let’s get started! If you want more details, read on. If you want to start fixing things right now, give me a call. I am Bernadette Hunter and I am in the business of creating the physiology of success!


Bernadette is a highly experienced, perceptive, and masterful professional. Her encouraging presence immediately puts you at ease. She has the uncanny ability to laser in on the heart of the matter to remove the obstacle that you had no idea was there, blocking the fulfillment of your desire or goal. If you are looking for someone who gets results quickly, I highly recommend Bernadette. She is the kind of person each of us should have on our success team!

Pam Champagne, Master Certified Coach,
The Champagne Group, Seattle, Washington


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